We just love ice cream!

Ariana Dodds was riding in the car with her mother and grandmother one day, when an argument erupted about the importance of education.  The idea was presented that success comes only to those who do well in school.  It was suggested that the alternative path led to a long and boring life working at Tim Hortons, a Canadian favorite for fast food and coffee.  Ariana smirked.

“I’ll own the place,” she retorted.


This would become a defining moment in the young woman’s life.  Soon after, it became exceptionally clear that she had the same burning passion for entrepreneurship as her father, Scott, who was the 2015 runner-up for the prestigious Earnst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.  He couldn’t have been prouder of his little girl!  His enthusiasm for business was infectious and it had also spread to Ariana’s mother, who had just launched a new business, called Primary Event Rentals. 

Of course, entrepreneurship comes with its own unique challenges, but Ariana was familiar with struggle, as she encountered it daily with reading, writing, and learning due to dyslexia.  However, she never let the condition defeat nor define her.  She remained adaptive, tenacious, and determined, knowing she would only be able to fully harness her innate talents through education.  And for her, that means beyond the bare minimum high school requirements.

When she and her father put their innovative minds together, an idea was born.  They set out on a quest to open a micro-ice creamery right here in Loveland, CO.  Through a little online research, Ariana’s mother, Lori, discovered the best ice cream in North America at The Chocolate Shop, a small, family-run business in Wisconsin.  The Dodds instantly knew this would be their exclusive source for the frozen treat.  The father-daughter team began renovations on a 13’ x 14’ area inside Primary Event Rentals.  And in May 2020, I Scream Ice Cream opened its doors to the public with warm smiles, friendly hearts, and a rotating selection of 24 flavors of awesome.


Although born in Canada, Ariana and her parents relocated to Loveland in 2018, while her three sisters stayed behind.  The remarkable young woman enjoys volleyball and all of the winter sports – especially snowboarding.  Currently, she is a high school sophomore and continues to work hard on her education.  As a successful teenage business owner, Ariana hopes to inspire entrepreneurship within others through her actions.

So, come on down to 4221 W Eisenhower Blvd and try our spectacular specialty.  You won’t regret it!  And the extra scoop of inspiration is on the house.