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Ariana Dodds

Ice Cream Scooper - Owner

Ariana is from Canada the youngest of 4 sisters. Plays Volleyball. Like Richard Branson - is Dyslexic. Currently has a boyfriend. 


Braden Brennor

Ice Cream Scooper

Braden is in Track and Field, loves baseball and most other sports. He loves Hawaii and aspires to be rich.


Bethany Mikesh

Ice Cream Scooper

Bubbly and you will find her only laughing and joking around!


Chase Minor

Ice Cream Scooper

a guy who loves to live it up. Florida of course. He loves Water world, bass. Wonder what else is in Florida Chase???


Zach Orr

Ice Cream Scooper

Zack is a twin that loves Hockey, Golf, Fishing & Cleaning, most of all he loves his mom.  He wants to travel to South America


Braden Schmidt

Ice Cream Scooper

Braden loves Puerto Viera the beaches, water, and everything else you see on the beaches;0 Aspiring to be an Aerospace Engineer means he's gotta love School t His favorite sport is wrestling tothe 80's music.oo.

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